Hello, My Name is Sam Dennis Bradley.  I live in Marion, North Carolina

and am the owner of TV Doctor tv repair business.

I have been working on televisions since 1981, but before that

from 1977 to 1979 I studied electronics theory and

troubleshooting with the National Radio Institute graduating

in 1979.  It took me less that two years to find a job working

with electronics, especially televisions.  I received on-the-job

training working with the shop owners which continued for 10 years

which led to opening my own shop by taking over the existing business

changing the name to TV Doctor.  I have always had a passion for tv

repair and am self-motivated when confronting difficult problems 

pertaining to televisions.  The change over from CRT type to 

flat screen scarcely affected my drive to complete repairs in a 

timely manner.  I taught myself this new technology and even today

am researching and repairing the latest on the market.

After a couple of years into the flat screen era, I soon learned

that fixing them was becoming much more easier and discovered 

that anyone with practical experience could change a module 

provided they were told which part to change.  Unscrewing,

 unplugging and switching out has now become the “norm”

for repairing today’s televisons.  

Therefore, I am able to reach out Worldwide.

So call me at the link provided

Or fill out the form for email contact

and save on high service charges!

I look forward to serving you in either respect.


Sam Dennis Bradley

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